Many people know Australia, but they don’t know about Frazer Glazia, the land of dreams and magic. It is the last city of fairies. But Frazer Glazia is under threat, by the slothal quolls, paper wasps and fresh water crocodiles, allies of Queen Lightning who still roam deep in the valleys of Northern Queensland and plot for her return.

The Opal Heart is the source of all power and magic needed to ensure the existence of the fairies. Join in the exciting, funny adventures of three little fairy children on their quest to move the Opal Heart to its new and safe home with the assistance of their elders, and their goanna and doppelgänger friends.

Along the way, in their funfilled travels, they learn about animals, legends and areas native or well-known to Australia. They also learn many wonderful facts, and even remember how to deal with bullies and how to look after each other in a crisis. There’s never a dull moment between these two book covers. Come and enjoy the ride! Buy Now

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Author Donna Young

Donna was born in the Australian country town of Cootamundra in 1975. She grew up in the New South Wales towns of Grafton, Sydney and Newcastle, and currently resides in Sydney with her three children.

She survived final-stage cancer in her teenage years and has since run several companies while bringing up her family.

Donna values nothing more than family bonds and strong friendships and has dedicated her life to her children. Watch out for her incredible story of guts, determination and strength – What was That? Due out In 2014

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